5 – 12 Years

Experienced Teachers Who Care

Our educated teachers understand the needs of school-age children by providing positive two-way communication and developing strong relationships with children and families.

Active Learning

Hands-on activities involve “doing.” Activities allow children to be physically active and stimulate their curiosity through exploration and project based activities.

Collaborative Learning

School-age children are social learners. Through team and group activities children build listening, negotiating and social skills. Children learn to lean on and support each other. 

Creative Learning

Through creativity, children find meaning in the world. Children actively engage in drama, art and music. Through the creative arts, children increase their own global understanding and cultural awareness.


Children are encouraged to choose what they will do, how they will do it and with whom. Teachers help and guide children to make smart choices that build independence and good decision making.

Meals On Us!

Because we participate in the CACFP program, during the school year, all children receive an afternoon snack after arriving at the center at the end of the school day. It is included with their tuition. During our summer program, children will receive breakfast, lunch and snack.

USDA Nondiscrimination Statement | Food and Nutrition Service

Ebenezer’s Purposeful Intentional Curriculum (EPIC)

Our EPIC curriculum is designed to enable children to develop knowledge, skills, and processes, and then apply them to the real world. EPIC, focuses on the development of the whole child both as an individual and as a member of a larger community.


Do you offer before/after/school out day care?

Yes. We have a variety of options to meet your needs during the school year and during the summer months. Please contact our centers to get more information. Please note-Ebenezer does not provide transportation.

Can my child bring toys to the program?

No. We ask families not to allow their child to bring outside toys. The program has a variety of engaging activities and toys for your child to engage with, so outside toys are not necessary.

What do I need to bring for my child?

Backpack with the following: At least two sets of clothing (including socks/underwear), jacket (if applicable) and any other items requested from your child’s teacher.

What our families are saying

Home away from home

As a single mother with a full-time schedule on and off the clock, the one thing that I have never had to question is the love and care that my […]

Happy with our experience

We’ve been so happy with our experience with Ebenezer. The teachers and staff show how much they care for the kids and their families greeting us with open arms and […]

My child is cared for

As a first-time mother, it’s hard to know what questions to even ask when looking for childcare. Ebenezer immediately made me feel informed and comfortable, helping us determine what works […]

They truly do care

As a FTM (like most people) I had extreme anxiety about who would care for my child when I returned to work. We went with Ebenezer in Tosa/West Allis and […]

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