What our families are saying…

Thankful we found Ebenezer

We’ve been sending our son to Ebenezer for 3 months, since he was 5 months old, and we love the care they provide so much. The staff is all very friendly, the facility is clean and bright. The infant room has different themes like the human body or botanical gardens that change every few weeks, thanks to the outstanding teachers who dedicate their time to cultivating such an excellent environment for the babies to be in. As first time parents, we’ve received such helpful guidance from the teachers as well (especially Ms Jenny!) and they truly work hand in hand with us to establish a good routine for naps, feeding and play time. Our son gets so much fantastic enrichment and does such fun activities that (let’s be real) he wouldn’t get to do at home. He is so social and loves interacting with the other babies. I’m so thankful we found Ebenezer and that we’ve had such a positive experience so far. It makes such a difference to focus on your work when your baby has an off day to know that he’s going somewhere where the people truly care for him, will give him extra snuggles and keep you posted all day long via app updates.