Meet Ms. Shelly – Our Dedicated Toddler Teacher

Jul 23, 2019

Twenty years is a LONG time to do anything.

However, that is how long Ms. Shelly at our Oak Creek Center has been providing tender loving care to the children enrolled at Ebenezer Child Care Centers. During this time a lot has changed in our world: 9/11, the recession, the election of our country’s first African American President and the passage of many laws designed to bring equality for all in our country.  Through it all, Ms. Shelly has remained a constant at Ebenezer, helping to shape the lives of many children who now might be thinking of having children of their own someday.

Ms. Shelly says, “Ebenezer feels like home to me. It’s where I belong. I’m blessed to see children’s smiling faces each day, and it’s joyful to see the children grow and succeed in life. It’s rewarding to work for Ebenezer Child Care Centers, and I am proud of how Ebenezer has become a bigger and better child care provider.  This experience is wonderful.”

We thought it would be fun to share some fun facts with you about Ms. Shelly.

Random known fact about you:  I grew up in the country in northern Wisconsin along with my 3 sisters.  My mom and dad didn’t think I would be the one to move to the city, but I did and love it.  It is where I met my husband.

Family:  My husband Ron and our dog Eskimo who is 15-years-old.

Favorite Past Time:  In my spare time I meditate, go to rock concerts, festivals and go on family outings.

Favorite Food:  Mexican

Favorite Band:   Motley Crue

Favorite Movie: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Favorite TV show: Parenthood

How did you end up working for Ebenezer?  I learned about the job opportunities available at Ebenezer from a mutual friend.

What do you most enjoy about working at Ebenezer?  Watching the children as they grow.

What centers and  classrooms have you worked in during your tenure with Ebenezer?  First I worked at the Tannery as a Lead Infant Teacher.  Then I moved to work for Ebenezer at South Division High School with the teen moms as an Infant/Toddler Lead Teacher.  During summers, I would work at other Ebenezer sites like National Avenue, Downtown and Southside.  After South Division, I worked at the Southside location as a Lead Infant Teacher and then I moved on to Ebenezer’s Oak Creek Center as a Lead Teacher in the Pre-Toddler room.

Tell us about some of your most fun memories at work:  When a child I had as a toddler asked me if I was going to her 4K graduation.  She kept on asking me for a week.  I was so honored.  I went and the graduation was fantastic.




Ms Shelly Celebrates 20 years at Ebenezer