A Surprise Visit From Officer Michelik

Mar 1, 2019

Our downtown center had an impromptu visit from a police officer on February 28.

Officer Michelik from the City of Milwaukee’s Police Department rang the center’s doorbell as he was out walking the neighborhood in an effort to say “hi” to the neighborhood. He said that this was on the orders of his captain.

He went to the large muscle room, where our 3K/4K children were having some indoor play time and he spent about 10 minutes talking with them. They asked him about his equipment. He showed them his handcuffs and his flashlight. He even let one of the boys speak into his radio and dispatch even answered him!

He showed them that he was wearing a body cam and had them all say hi into it and wave. Sadly, though he couldn’t show them the video of themselves because he couldn’t turn it off, but he explained that he would be able to see them all later when he was done working.

Officer Michelik also told the children that it was important that they listen to their teachers and their parents. All this was happening as parents were picking up their children, so a parent used the opportunity to have Officer Michelik talk to their daughter about how important it is to stay in their car seats and seatbelts while riding in a car.

The children loved their surprise visit from Officer Michelik and we would really like to thank him for stopping by to say “hi!”