Wisconsin Conservatory of Music Smart Start™  Class Coming to Ebenezer

Feb 6, 2023

We are super excited to announce that the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music recently received additional funding to provide music education to more area child care centers and schools in Greater Milwaukee and they chose Ebenezer to be one of the child care agencies they wanted to work with!

Their Smart Start™ classes are available for children ages 0-4. They use playful, familiar activities like singing, movement, stories, games, and music making with instruments to help children develop key cognitive skills.

The Smart Start™ curriculum was developed by Toronto’s Royal Conservatory of Music and is designed to build on the inherent link between music and the mind to support key developmental skills and milestones, and help children learn and better understand the world around them.

Our downtown infants were the first to benefit from this new program on February 6. All three of our centers will be participating in the program and all of our children will be able to thrive from it.