Valentine’s Day Projects You can do with your Kids

Feb 7, 2024

Valentine’s day is right around the corner and it’s always fun to let those you love know it in a special way. Sarah from our West Allis/Wauwatosa Ebenezer Child Care Centers was on Real Milwaukee on February 7 to show the anchors some fun craft ideas you can do with your kids and then give them to those you love.

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Confetti Hearts

Paper punch
Colored paper
White paper

1. Punch out a punch of different colored circles
2. Place glue on a white sheet of paper in the shape of a heart.
3. Sprinkle the punched colored circles onto the glue
4.  Cut pieces of string
5. Draw a line from the heart down the page with glue
6. Place string on glue line
7. Frame when dry\s


I Love You Valentines


Colored card stock

markers, crayons or a writing utensil


glue stick


  1. Trace your child’s hands and have them cut them out and decorate them
  2. Write on one hand I love you….
  3. cut a strip of paper and write on this this much
  4. fold the strip of paper and glue it between the two hands


Valentine votives (use battery operated candles)

A recycled glass jar
Colored tissue paper
Liquid starch
Craft brushes
A container to hold liquid starch


  1.  Laying newspapers down across your work area. Liquid starch runny and messy.
  2. Take white craft tissue paper and tear it into small squares. 3 inch squares works well.
  3. Hold the jar for your child and have them lay a piece of tissue paper across the jar. Then have them paint a small amount of liquid starch right over the top of the tissue paper.
  4. Continue laying the white tissue paper over your glass jar until the entire jar is covered:
  5. While the jar was still wet, take shades of red and pink tissue paper and cut them into itty bitty hearts. You can add the hearts directly to the top of the first wet white layer. It will help them adhere. If you need too, feel free to paint on just a wee bit more liquid starch:
  6. Add as many tissue hearts as you want and make sure to layer some of them.
  7. Allow your votive to dry overnight. When it’s completely dry place a small tea light inside.


Love bugs with recycled egg containers

3-4 inch piece of card board
egg carton
googly eyes
pipe cleaners


1:  Wrap yarn (approximately 60-100 times… depending on the thickness of the yarn) around a piece of cardboard. When you have finished wrapping, tie a piece of yarn tightly around the top of the wrapped yarn and cut the bottom.

2:  Spread out the yarn, and glue it to the top of an egg carton.

3:  Decorate however you want the love bug to look. Consider adding antennae, googly eyes, pom pom noses, and pipe cleaner mouths


Valentine’s Day Stampers


Empty Toilet paper or paper towel tubes
Rubber bands
Washable Kids’ paint
Paper plate or paint tray


  1. Bend tube to be heart shaped
  2. Place rubber band around tube to hold the shape
  3. Place paint on paper plate or paint tray
  4. Dab tube into plate and then stamp it onto a piece of paper.