Storytime with Ebenezer – The Napping House

May 4, 2020

As Wisconsin’s Shelter in Place order continues, Jodi O’Neill from Ebenezer’s Oak Creek Center is reading the “The Napping House” by Audrey and Don Wood.

Audry Wood uses the medium of children’s literature to practice the disciplines of art, music, drama, dance, and writing. Her unique work creates a sense of imagination and excitement. She loves step-and-repeat stories for the “music of language”. An example of this would is present in The Napping House.

Audry’s husband, Don, is the illustrator of many of her books. They began collaborating on children’s literature seven years after their marriage, their first book together entitled Moonflute. Since its publication, Don has illustrated nearly 20 of her books. Their son, Bruce Robert Wood, was also an illustrator, which makes art a fifth-generation tradition in the family.

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