September’s Parenting Tip: How To Help Children With Homework

Aug 31, 2022

Your children are back in school, and before you know it, they will be bringing home homework.

According to Beverly Anderson, executive director for Ebenezer Child Care Centers with locations in downtown Milwaukee, Oak Creek and West Allis/Wauwatosa, “Homework is an important part of school. It teaches children how to be responsible, manage their time, and think independently. As parents, you can do several things to help children develop these skills.”

Below are some tips:

Get Organized

Anderson says one of the best things you can do for your children is help them get organized, so they can easily focus on their homework. This includes helping them set up an area in the house that is conducive for working on homework. It should be a quiet space, free from distractions, with plenty of natural light or a lamp, and all the supplies they need be it paper, pencils, rulers, markers, a calculator, or a computer.

Anderson adds, “Because your children need to be productive in this space, take the time to work with your children to make sure it is a pleasant space where they feel comfortable.”

Establish a RoutineNext, Anderson recommends that you establish a routine for when your children will complete their homework each day. This could be right after they get home from school with a snack or after dinner. Regardless of the time, have them pick a time and keep it consistent. Anderson also recommends that you have your children turn off their devices and television until their homework is completed, so they are free from distractions.

“Use electronics and television as a reward for when homework is completed,” says Anderson. “This will help your children focus on what they need to do, knowing that they get down time when their homework is completed.”

Be Supportive

Finally, Anderson says it is important to be supportive when your children are working on their homework. This means that you are not creating distractions or excessive noise to prevent them from focusing. It also means that you are present for them if they need assistance. For example, you can help them locate online resources or resources from their school if they are having difficulty completing their homework and you can’t be of assistance.

“Children need to know that they are loved and supported,” concludes Anderson. “This will help them to thrive and develop confidence in themselves to succeed in school and life.”

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