November’s Parenting Tip: How to Maximize Family Time

Oct 27, 2022

The hectic holiday season is approaching. So how can your family enjoy the holidays without feeling frazzled and maximize the time you spend together?

According to Beverly Anderson, Executive Director of Ebenezer Child Care Centers with locations in downtown Milwaukee, Oak Creek, and Wauwatosa/West Allis, “The key is to simplify your schedules and share the parts of the holidays that really mean the most to you together.”

Here are some useful tips:

Decide Together What Matters Most
Anderson says you should make a list of what you typically do for the holidays, then have a family meeting to decide what, on your list, your family wants to do together and what can be skipped this year.

“If no one enjoys making and mailing Christmas cards, then spare yourself the expense, time, and effort. But if everyone loves making holiday treats, then figure out a time when you can do it together. Likewise, if there are activities that aren’t affiliated with the holidays that can be pushed to the new year, then don’t feel guilty about saying they can wait.”

Prepare Together
When planning your holiday meals, Anderson recommends that you decide how you can all work together to make them happen. For example, maybe your children can peel the potatoes as you prep the turkey, or they can set the table as you make last minute preparations. The key is to work as a team and enjoy the process.

Anderson also says you shouldn’t feel pressured to make huge “over the top” meals for the holidays.

“If your family would be less stressed out and happier just having spaghetti, then have spaghetti. The important thing is that you enjoy your holiday meals together.”

Have Fun Together
Following your holiday meals, make sure you set aside time to play some family games and enjoy each other’s company. Games like charades, dominoes, and rummy transcend generations and children, parents, and grandparents can all enjoy playing them together.

Do Good Together
The holidays are also a great time to practice kindness as a family. Anderson says little things like taking an elderly neighbor a meal, dropping food off at food bank, or buying a gift for child in need can leave a lasting impression on children.

“It’s important for children to realize that you should never be too busy to spread kindness, and that doing a little good goes a long way.”

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