Why Everyone Should Go See The Film No Small Matter

Apr 9, 2019

No Small Matter is a documentary built from stories of real children, families, and teachers, illustrating the impact of high-quality early childhood experiences. It is currently being shown at select venues around Greater Milwaukee (including Ebenezer Child Care Center’s main office on 4/4), and we would like to encourage everyone to go see it.

In it you meet parents who are struggling to do their best for their kids, incredible teachers who model what early childhood classrooms should and could be like, and children learning and developing in real time. These positive, hopeful stories serve as motivational tools in both the film and the No Small Matter campaign: Change is necessary, critical, and attainable if we put our minds to it.

The film is also firmly grounded in science, opening up the “black box” of what’s happening inside children’s brains with exciting, stimulating animation and the voices of compelling scientists, physicians, and ECE experts. Using findings from message framing reports (Frameworks Institute), behavioral economists such as James Heckman, and the latest research in brain imaging and child development, the film breaks down complicated scientific details into layman’s terms, demystifying prevailing ideas that hinder our thinking about children’s behavior, and  it paves the way for us all to see what children need more clearly.

When it comes to understanding the incredible dynamism of
how a child’s mind develops, seeing is believing — from firing neurons to still face
experiments — and these illustrations drive home the critical nature of these early years.
Most important of all, the facts and figures in the film must stick with the viewer and drive
them to act. From celebrity parent cameos to the “marshmallow test” with Cookie
Monster to hilarious moments with the children we meet along the way — all will help No
Small Matter move the viewer in ways that a fact sheet simply cannot.

For more information on the film visit or to join the movement text NOSMALLMATTER to 64600.