November’s Virtues of the Month: Caring and Responsibility

Oct 30, 2019

Ebenezer’s Virtues of the Month Program is about empowering adults and  children to live by their highest values. The mission of the Virtues Program is to provide empowering strategies of excellence that inspire the practice of virtues at Ebenezer as well as at home. This month’s virtues are:

Caring is giving love and attention to people and things that matter to you. When you care about people, you help them. You do a careful job, giving your very best effort. You treat people and things gently and respectfully. Caring makes the world a safer place.

Responsibility is accepting accountability for your actions so others can trust you to do things with excellence. When you make a mistake, you offer amends instead of excuses. Responsibility is the ability to respond ably and to make smart choices.

More information on the Virtues Project and how it can help you  teach your children about character can be found at


November's Virtues Caring and Responsibility