July’s Virtues of the Month: Flexibility and Forgiveness

Jul 19, 2019

Ebenezer’s Virtues of the Month  Program is about empowering adults and children to live by their highest values. There are 52 virtues in the program. The mission of the Virtues Program is to provide empowering strategies of excellence that inspire the practice of virtues at Ebenezer Child Care Centers as well as at home. This month’s virtues are:

Flexibility is being open to change. You consider others’ ideas and
feelings and don’t insist on your own way. Flexibility gives you creative new ways to get things done. You get ride of bad habits and learn new owns. Flexibility helps you to keep changing for the better.

Forgiveness is giving someone
another chance after they have done something wrong. Everyone makes mistakes. Instead of revenge, make amends. Forgive yourself too. Instead of feeling hopeless after a mistake, decide to act differently, and have faith that you can change.

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July's Virtues of the Month: Flexibility and Forgiveness